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Description of the App

Locate any device on google map in realtime, get your driving directions from your location to your friends location.

WORKS WITH ALL GSM(Not Tested for CDMA) DEVICES (Android v.2.1 and up).


Droid Locator allows you to locate any Android device by simply simply selecting their number. If Droid Locator is not installed on the remote device, then an invitation will be sent to it automatically.
* You can force location updates remotely at any time without the user having to take any actions and it does not matter if the application is running or not
* The ability to send a "SMS Ping", which will force an automatic location update of the remote device.
* Even if the phone is rebooted, Droid Locator will automatically resume tracking and updating its position!
* The ability to automatically send sms’s along with the location details of the phone when sim card changed or phone is stolen.
* There are no limits to the number of users to track

Droid Locator allows you to track you to know where your loved ones are with relation to you, and you can leverage all the google maps functionality like getting the driving direction, proximity to your location etc. You can now find out where they are, at anytime, as long as they have their Android phones with droid locator installed on it. You can also see yourself on the map and see nearby places and the proximity of the person you are trying to locate. Droid Locator also has the ability to send an SOS message along with its location details in case of the device getting stolen and sim card changed event.
How to make Droid Locator Work:
->Install Droid Locator.
->To get a remote location update, Enter the remote devices number or select one from your contacts and then click on Locate. The remote location would show in a map if the remote device has droid locator installed, or an invitation will be sent out to the remote device.
->Generate your friend list by selecting Broadcast settings and entering or selecting contacts from your contact list, these will be the numbers used for your location broadcast or SOS in case of sim change or phne getting stolen.
->Sim Track Settings: Here enter the sms that should go out to all the people you added in your list of friends, in case the sim is changed in the phone.(The IMSI number will also be sent along with that text), so essentially you will have the new number, IMSI and your custom message sent out to your friends as an SOS.
->Display Location: This will show your current location on the map.
->Broadcast: This will broadcast your location to everyone in your friend list in the form of SMS. You can also Share your location info in facebook, twitter or other social sites, along with having an option of mailing it or sending it through bluetooth.

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  1. I recently found an application for Android that locates a phone's position. I decided to use it to locate someone new york but guess what?
    The program sends a message to the phone owner and only if that person answers to that message you can locate someone. That sucks because perhaps I want to locate a person without her knowing that. This program works different or is the same thing?

  2. Well Kev, it's a dicey situation you see, if you want to really track someone, the best alternative is SMS as you are almost guaranteed that it would be delivered, this software is different in the sense that, the remote user would automatically trigger a return SMS with the location, but as luck would have it, android somehow does not have a concrete way of preventing the sms from getting inserted in the sms inbox

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