Geo Track

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Version 3.0

 Changes carried out:

1. Option to save maps retrieved from google maps, for offline use.
2. Direction Estimation provided from current location to destination location.
3. Options such as roadmaps, satellite views, zooming provided for maps.( which can also be carried out offline ).
4. Location can now be tagged on the basis of Text, Street Views and captured map images.
5. The application on startup goes into Cell tower ID polling state by default so as to minimize confusion for some users at the start.

Version 2.0

Changes carried out:

1. Added facility for picture tagging of a location.
2. Location updation rate changed from 2sec to 1 sec.
3. Changed location of log file to be saved to application data folder.
4. Removed bug due to which corruption occured, if software not closed properly.
5. Removed the << >> which was used previously to identify tags

Version 1.0

Software Description

Geo Track is basically a software to emulate GPS, by using your nearest cell towers. It allows you to tag your location by providing you with the option for storing one or more descriptions of a location in terms of text and/or pictures.After this, your device will display these textual or image desciptions every time you visit these locations. In the longer run, you would be able to upload these maps to a central server, so that users can readily avail these maps for localised information by a one time map download. If you do posses a GPRS connection you could instaneously capture the latitude and longitude information of the particular location or point out your location in real time map, courtesy Google maps©. Every location is classified by a unique ID.
Further you could also view these logs in real time maping software on the PC.

These kind of location tagging techniques, I believe has a huge potential, just as a starting point, let's imagine a suburban city with all the emergency services mapped locally in one of the city based servers, imagine the amount of help we could derive out of this in realtime that is. I really admire google, for the wonderful work that they have done( I am talking of google maps ).

I am also looking for volunteers who are ready to submit the tagged locations, which will then be uploaded onto servers for personal use by people around the world. The next version of the software will have the facility to upload the tagged information onto internet servers. Do write in to
with your feedbacks.

Diwali Vacations

Had taken a leave of 2 days for Diwali( in all summing it up to 5 days ), wanted to do some soul searching for myself. I was really cranked up with this petrol dispensing pump project, the softwares was already damn complicated for the system, and now it has become more so. Thought I did a good job, but the supporting of this new version is a hell lot more difficult, then actually writing it.....hehehehe