Maestros eUno R10 - A Comprehensive Telecardiology Solution

It is an established fact that coronary heart disease is one of the leading causes of death across the globe. Every second in some part of the world a person suffers from chest pain or has a heart attack. It is commonly observed that these victims waste substantial time before seeking medical help. This could be due to sheer ignorance, lack of knowledge or the absence of an efficient medical support system.

In these situations, as the saying goes ‘time is muscle’. As time progresses the deficiency of oxygen causes irreversible damage to heart muscles. This can cause abnormal contractions of ventricles and eventually result in cardiac arrest. Hence it is extremely necessary to recognize these cardiac abnormalities early and seek timely medical assistance.

eUno R-10 coupled with the Maestros Rhythms24x7 web Based Platform and any supported Smart phones is a system which has been designed keeping the above points in mind, and provides an ideal  telecardiology platform for remote ECG analysis and real time reporting from the doctor for the attending paramedic or the general practitioner.

This innovative product  eUno R10  enables the transmission of real time 10 seconds – 12 channel ECG from a highly portable ECG device known as R10(designed, developed and manufactured indigenously by Maestros Mediline Systems Ltd ), directly to the doctors mobile phone from almost anywhere. This device is also capable of pulling in the reports and interpretation that the doctor does from a remote location and also printing them locally at the location where the patient is being attended.

Other than the real time connectivity features that the device supports, it also has the flexibility to store up to 20 patients records and is also capable of interfacing with the PC for further storage and archiving.
In brief, this device has all the features packed into a very small package which are present in bigger and bulky ECG machines along with the ability to communicate with the specialist in real time and the ability to be carried very easily.

 In ambulatory cases, the device also has the ability to send along with the ECG data, also the location data, which the doctor can view remotely on their mobile phone. The device in itself is CE-1293 certified which means that the precision of the ECG which is captured can be compared with the best in the world. 

Apart from viewing and reporting ECG’s sent by this device from their phones, the doctors also avail of a web based portal website, where they can keep a track of the patients they had attended along with their complete details, and if needed can also dig  down into the past history of the same.

The basic aim of the device is to ensure a reliable way in which specialists can immediately connect to their cardiac patients as and when needed even if they are away from their respective hospitals.

Today, this mobile telecardiology solution is implemented in well known establishments like Nanavati Hospital(Mumbai), Riddhi Vinayak Critical Care(Mumbai), Jaslok Hospital(Mumbai),Pramila Hospital(Mumbai),Orange city Hospital(Nagpur) to name a few. Other than this, there are also various ECG and door to door ecg collection camps that are being conducted by independent organizations like ExpressECG in ahmedabad using this platform.

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Recently the product has also been awarded the Frost & Sullivan award for excellence in innovation.