The story of my life rediscovered

Here i am writing after a very very long time, it's been a really hectic one month albeit a beautiful one at that, hard to believe that I am married and am right now all cuddled up in my room with that special angel who just came down for me, but hey this x'mas this is the divine gift that I could get from the heavens and from my parents. Its so amazing, this institution of marriage which basically brings 2 souls living apart for a major part of their lives in their own independent entity suddenly find themselves wrapped up in a beautiful intertwined cocoon. It all started  with harmless chatting, almost 10 years ago, when we were just making friends. Things were actually going nowhere, my angel went her way, i went about my way, life just went on. We went after our professional aspirations did a lot of other right and wrong things in life, and then as destiny would have it, my angel comes to Mumbai, gives me a call, giving me a small spark which just started to ignite my lonely bushes. Electronics and software took a backseat. But I guess, the divine entity had different ideas for both of us and my angel parted ways with me to make her career, and me to make mine. Electronics and software again took a front seat, till another phone call came my way, this time to give a huge spark to my lonely bushes, and actually put it on fire. Still remember that dinner that we had, which I guess changed it all. MAN O MAN, can I ever forget that dinner, I kept on watching the soccer match between arsenal and MU, and my angel kept on talking of life after love. Then suddenly my engagement came along, life took a turn, got one of the most beautiful projects in terms of professional aspirations involving ECG's and telemedicine and got a chance to write really good softwares, this was what I always aspired to have, angel joined times, both of us got to do things which we loved doing both professionally and personally.
I still remember the times when I used to come from work, look at the moon and think of life gone and life now, tonight I am seeing my angel sleeping right besides me, with a guilty feeling that she could not keep herself awake to see me writing this blog, something she was always interested in, man can i ever be able to stay without this feeling of being loved by someone so sweet and tender.


Its how we define it, my definition of love was never ever clear, but my angel cleared it for me without ever uttering it, love is defined by just that feeling of being bounded in a strange and mystical world, where you care and get worried for someone else, and you want to do and let that someone do whatever that someone wants to do.

And I guess that is the simplest definition of love, isn't that the reason our parents loved us for so long!!

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